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Best Baby Presents (that weren’t on our registries)

Katie’s Picks

Registries are great and I suggest to anyone who has the opportunity to register for baby gifts to do so.  I was able to have a registry for my American showers however baby showers aren’t popular in Spain.  I’m not sure if they believe it’s bad luck to give presents before the baby arrives or they just want the chance to come see the baby in person and bring a gift then.  Aside from a few gifts (some of them monetary) from Miguel’s close family members we received the majority of presents from our Spanish friends and family after Nora was born.  Since I didn’t register in Spain (again it’s just not the custom) we got a lot of surprise presents.  My American family and friends also gave some gifts off the registry which I appreciated just as much.

The following is a list in no particular order of my some of my favorite presents we didn’t register for:

1.  Anything personalized – cross-stitch, monogrammed items, handmade blankets, etc.  I love all the items we received that had Nora’s name on them or anything that celebrates her Irish-American/Spanish heritage.

2.  Itzbeen - This little gem is a must have for first time parents.  It’s a timer that saves you the brain power of having to remember when you gave the last bottle/changed a diaper/put the baby to sleep.  It kept me somewhat sane my first couple of months as a new Mom.

3.  Lovie/Cuddly Doll – I highly recommend these.  Your baby probably won’t take to it until their second to third month, but when the do it’s amazing.  It really helps them to self-soothe and my daughter identifies her Lovie Bunny Rabbit with bedtime.  I can put her down completely awake and she’ll play with her bunny until she falls asleep.

4. Books – Everyone has favorite childhood books and it’s never too early to start a little library for your child.  Nora is still in the stage where she wants to eat the books, but little by little I’m able to keep her attention while I read to her.

5.  Music – Who doesn’t love music?  Friends of mine gave me an inspirational push c.d. for the delivery room that I got a big kick out of.  I also loved playing a  lullabies of the world c.d. to my daughter close to bed or nap time.  The Rockabye Baby albums are great as well as they make your favorite music baby friendly, Guns N Roses being a personal favorite.

6.  Clothes for OLDER babies – Everyone loves to buy the newborn-three months clothing, but every Mom faces a shortage after this stage.  I suggest giving cute outfits and basics for three months to a year (be careful with the seasons).

7. Cash $$$/Gift Cards – I know this sounds tacky but in Spanish tradition your close family will give you a significant amount of cash to put towards a big purchase (stroller, baby furniture, etc.).  It really helps out the new parents a lot.   I also loved getting gift cards because I could use them as the baby got older and required unanticipated or more age appropriate items.

8.   Bath sets (shampoo, baby wash, etc.) – We were given several sets and I keep one in the states, one in Spain and in the future we’ll probably leave one at my in-laws place since they’ll be watching her full-time next year.

9.  Something for the Parents – a cooked meal/groceries (thank god for my mother-in-law), a bottle of wine, or a mani/pedi gift certificate are really appreciated

10.  Whatever the parents specifically asks for –  i.e. If you call the parents and ask “What can I buy for the little one?” and they tell you “Well, we need a small bouncy chair or some clothes for six months on”. Then buy exactly what they ask for because if they tell you a specific present it means they really need it and you won’t be wasting your money buying a gift they may not need or use.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Aly’s Picks!


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Great picture. Who took it?

I’ll tell you who: Katie Nagle, family friend and professional photographer. I saw some of Katie’s work last year and was really impressed with the quality and creativity of her photos. So far we’ve used her for my wedding and two family photo sessions. Not only is Katie extremely talented but she’s friendly, professional, and affordable!

One other compliment – Katie is a mom of young children so she gets that their schedules are sometimes unpredictable and she works around it.  We were able to make an appointment for a morning photo session and then confirm the exact time once Nora went down for her morning nap (knowing Nora would be awake in two hours).  It doesn’t get more baby friendly.

So if you want some great family photos and you’re lucky enough to live in Delaware or close by, I highly recommend Katie Nagle Photography.

Side note: We are in no way being paid for this endorsement. We just really love her work.

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