Anticipating Baby #2

November 14, 2012 at 11:15 am 1 comment

My first post back was going to be an update on Paddy but he has a NICU follow-up appointment next week so that might as well wait.  The short update is that Paddy continues to be a rock star and an awesomely funny kid.  This morning he dragged his little upright piano into the living room and then pushed it back into the dining room by actually playing the piano with his butt.  I failed to capture this morning’s performance but here’s one from a few week’s ago…

But in other news, as Kate mentioned in her “We’re Back!” post, we are both expecting again.  I am due December 28th but will have my very anticipated repeat C-Section a couple of weeks earlier.  With Paddy I had what is called a Classic Caesarean Section which means that the uterine incision is vertical rather than horizontal.  VBACs, vaginal birth after caesarean, are only recommended for women with horizontal uterine incisions.  This is a completely non-PC thing to say but my favorite part of my pregnancy/delivery with Paddy was my C-section and I am so relieved to not need to make a decision with this delivery.

This pregnancy has been the exact opposite of my pregnancy with Paddy – and that is a very good thing.  Most days, even now, I forget I’m pregnant for hours at a time even when I feel movement it’s become second nature and I don’t pay much attention.  That might sound like I’m not excited for this baby or about this pregnancy but that’s not how I meant it.  With Paddy from the very start everything was a roller coaster but that was all I knew.  This time everything is just so laid back – even with all the extra monitoring being done by my high risk obstetrician.  My blood pressure is normal and I am not showing any signs of pre-eclampsia so far.  My husband even remarked last week how quickly this pregnancy has gone and that it feels like I was pregnant much longer with Paddy than I have been with this baby.  I’m actually 7 weeks and 1 day past Paddy’s delivery point (I’m 33 weeks, 5 days pregnant).

Friends and family have asked what I need for the new baby and I honestly can’t think of much.  My husband ordered a dozen white onsies the other night and I’ll grab a box of newborn diapers.  I’m washing Paddy’s infant clothes, car seat lining and the bedding for the rock n play.  Nothing terribly exciting and I love how low-key it all is this time around.

The other question I get is “Does Paddy know about the new baby?”  Sort of.  We tell him about the baby and he likes to pat my belly (and the belly of all other females) and slobber my stomach with raspberries but I don’t think he really “gets” that his world is about to be rocked.  While I’m not looking forward to that adjustment, I am looking forward to him finally understanding that the world does not fully revolve around Paddy.  My husband and I are both first-born kids so we do feel a tiny dose of sympathy for the end of Paddy’s primacy.

And that wraps up the known world of this pregnancy and now we wander into the vast unknown – a more typical delivery and hopefully  an average hospital stay.  My husband and I are pretty much clueless about how the 88% of deliveries that don’t involve a preemie go.  Last night we even took a tour of our hospital – the one Paddy lived in for 128 days – simply because we wanted to know what to anticipate when your route through the hospital isn’t Triage to High Risk Maternity to Operating Room to NICU.



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  • 1. Andrew  |  December 26, 2012 at 5:31 am

    In my situation, I’d be geinttg CVS instead of amnio (done at 10-12 weeks, I think). I would choose to have it done to determine if my fetus has Downs or has inherited a particular inherited problem in my family. Yes, I would choose to terminate if the test came back positive for markers.I can’t understand why anybody would go through amnio to determine downs unless they WOULD choose to terminate. The argument that they would want to prepare’ is kindof bogus with the new ultrasound techniques. They would still find out well before the baby was born for preparation. Was this answer helpful?


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