Baby Hair Out With The Bathwater

November 1, 2011 at 5:08 am Leave a comment

In Nora’s first year of life I cut her hair a couple of times using rounded scissors while she was laying down on the changing table or sitting in a chair. However, the older she gets the trickier it is to get her to sit still. It’s also not ideal to get hair all over her face, clothes and the floor but last week I discovered a great place to trim her hair…in the bathtub!!! Her hair is wet, I can comb and control it easily, she is somewhat calm for an extended period of time while she plays with her toys and the trimmed hair falls in the bath water and washes away easily. This might not work for you if you’re doing a major cut where accuracy is important but if you’re looking to trim bangs or a little bit elsewhere, it’s a great place to get it done.




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