Hello Skinny Jeans!

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A few months back I blogged about my post-pregnancy weight gain.  Since then I’ve talked to several moms who had similar experiences:  minimal weight gain during their pregnancy and increase of ten or more pounds in the months following their child’s birth.  The reasons for this vary from person to person but in general it usually boils down to changing to a more sedentary lifestyle, since you’re now sitting at home most of the time with your newborn, combined with proximity to food access and/or meals punctuating your day.  It also doesn’t help if you’re don’t breastfeed, which I didn’t.  But my message to all first time mothers who are frustrated with your increased wasitline…there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

I was home with my daughter for the first ten months of her life and even though we took daily walks and I exercised on top of that, the pounds stayed put.  It just wasn’t enough activity to make up for sitting most of the day, but when my daughter started to crawl things began to change.  I was more active at home as I chased after her or played with her on the floor.  As she took less bottles and cut back on naps, we were sitting less and moving more.  Little by little the weight began to come off.

However, the real trick was going back to work.  I’m a teacher so I stand most of the day plus I  use public transportation so I’m physically active on my way to and from work as well.  In addition, meals just became another activity I have to do and not something that I look forward to all day.  I eat well:  a banana or cereal for breakfast, a large mediterranean style meal at midday and a light dinner usually cereal or a sandwich plus I’ve cut back on sweets and sugary drinks.

I still exercise but not as regularly now that I’m working.  I’m lucky if I get in three sessions a week.  However, as I said before,  I’m more active on a daily basis so this isn’t something I worry about too much.

Now one year after my daughter was born, I’m lighter than I was when I got pregnant and am able to fit back into my skinny jeans (with minimal muffin top)!  I still would love to lose another five pounds plus I realize my stomach will never be what it was before, but I am super happy with how far I’ve come.  Trust me if I can lose the weight, especially with my love of wine and dessert, anyone can.


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