Favorite Apps: The Wonder Weeks

July 28, 2011 at 11:38 pm Leave a comment

My son left the hospital in late April at about six weeks adjusted. Any parent will tell you that six weeks is still fairly newborn and babies don’t do too much that’s actually interesting yet. They’re kind of just cute, mushy little marshmallows. You can dress them up and cuddle with them but for the most part they sleep, eat and poop. Yawn.

Like any first time Mom I was eager to find out when my son would reach certain milestones. Really I was just anxious to see a smile. He was only six weeks adjusted but I was four months invested in this kiddo and frankly, I deserved a damn smile for all the additional grey hairs I collected since his birth.

I hadn’t yet sworn off What To Expect The First Year and I was able to find some decent expected milestones by month in that book. And yet, I wanted more information. My husband and I noticed some new things our son could do that weren’t addressed in WTETFY. I turned to google and found The Wonder Weeks. I haven’t bought the book yet but I find the website fairly informative and I was thrilled to discover The Wonder Weeks app!

The Wonder Weeks concept is that babies have specific weeks when they make huge mental, physical, emotional leaps. The app goes off expected due date so it neatly avoids the actual/adjusted issue. And it tells you real things. Things parents will care about (but that will bore the tears out of your friends). For instance…tears! Yes, the first Wonder Weeks leap, at 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 weeks, speaks about how babies start seeing further, responding more to the outside world and producing tears.

The app breaks down each of the ten leaps into four sections: Summary, Signs, Abilities and Help. The app is customized to your child based on due date and will highlight your child’s present week. For $1.99 I highly recommend checking it out!


As always we aren’t paid or perked for our recommendations. Just trying to share some things we like or find useful.

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