Cheesy Gifts that Grandparents Love

July 26, 2011 at 7:55 am Leave a comment

It doesn’t matter how tacky you think the gift is, at the end of the day they love ANYTHING that has a picture of their grandkids on it. Here are some ideas that I guarantee they’ll be delighted with:

Brag Books– For Christmas I gave all the grandparents a brag book (small photo album) of Nora.  My mom took it everywhere with her and strong-armed everyone she met into looking at pictures of her “beautiful granddaughter”.

Personalized Photos – For my dad’s birthday I sent him this postcard.  I simply bought an inexpensive chalkboard tablet and took pictures of my daughter holding each word.  I then went to and made a picture postcard. My dad carried it around with him for weeks to work, family events, the bar, etc.  As you can see from the scan it’s been around town and is a little worn.

[An alternative take on the chalkboard – buy inexpensive letters such as P O P and take pictures of your baby holding each letter.  Then create a photo collage of the baby spelling out Pop Pop. -Aly]

Mugs, Mousemats, Calendars, etc.  Yes, I know you think these are beyond cheesy, but you can’t imagine how much your parents will love seeing their grandchild’s face as they drink their coffee, use their computer, or check a date on their calendar.  My dad uses his “Nora” mug every morning.  Most photo sharing websites sell such items.  I particularly like

The best part about all these gifts is that they’re fairly inexpensive, but your parents will exclaim “Look at that face.  It’s Priceless!”



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