How to Impress Doctors – There’s an App for That!

July 5, 2011 at 6:56 pm Leave a comment

My son Kevin has a lot of doctor appointments.  A lot.

One week in June he had four doctor appointments, a consent meeting for feeding therapy and a follow-up phone call with his gastroenterologist. Like I said, a lot. And we’re asked the same questions at each appointment:

• How many wet diapers?
• How many bowel movements a day?
• How much is he eating daily (total volume)?
• How many millilitres does he take per bottle?

And in addition to those questions Kevin takes two medications three times a day. I also suffer from Mom brain – my memory decreased precipitately during pregnancy and never came back. Well it probably did but it’s likely overloaded with a whole boatload of new medical terms, the concerns that go along with normal motherhood and the added anxiety of Kevin’s prematurity and ongoing medical challenges.

So my brain, it’s doing the best it can but asking it to remember when Kevin last pooped – not at the top of my brain’s priority list.

But I answer each of the above questions accurately and with authoritatively. How do I manage it?

There’s an App for that! Total Baby.

Yes, there’s an app that replaces a parent’s brain. I’m in no way getting paid to promote this application – it’s just so fabulous that I can’t help but rave about it. And this post was actually inspired by the awe encountered at Kevin’s Early Intervention appointment today – the doctors, nurses and therapists were thoroughly impressed with the application.

Total Baby tracks each of the common items and it is totally customizable. I’ve added in the specific medications Kevin is on, I note when he had his last Apnea alarm, I even added a note today of the switch to 24 calorie formula (a post for another day). I can tell you that for July to date Kevin has averaged 46.25ml per bottle and he’s averaged 9 bottles a day.

Total Baby also adjusts for prematurity – it knows his actual birth date as well as his due date and tracks milestones accordingly. There’s a place to track doctor appointments and it can handle multiple babies. I know the itzbeen is hugely popular and I love it but I needed something more. And for $4.99 (that I charged to my husband’s iTunes account anyway) – it’s a total steal.


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